red neck

Just a little….

I spent a rather long time at the salon on Friday afternoon (three and a half hours, to be exact) and came out a red head. I still have two very large blond streaks, but the rest has been transformed into a very dark copper. Most cool. But, being red, I hereby give it one week until it fades into obscurity.

Ouch. For that kind of money, I’ll hope it lasts a wee bit longer, but it’s difficult to be too optimistic. I haven’t been red for a few years at least, mostly because of the fade factor, but maybe things are different now. Perhaps large scientific leaps and bounds have been made in the not-so-natural hair colour industry. Perhaps the tiny pinkish tinge on my off white towel has actually been there since I accidentally and unknowingly laundered it with a beet last year…

That’s okay. The guy that does my hair kicks ass. He’s seriously good. For the aforementioned “that kind of money”, he’d better be. As an aside, he’s also pretty damned nice to look at, but I’m sure that can’t be the point….right?

We have a good deal – he gets to do whatever he wants (with my hair style, you sicko), as long as I don’t have to do much with it afterward. My product use is limited to cheap shampoo and a not-so-cheap leave in conditioner/shine spritz thing. If it’s a big night out I break out a little miniscule amount of wax (oh, how crazy!). So, he really can’t put much faith in me dealing with a “style”.

Hell, he can’t put much faith in me coming in to deal with roots and bangs. I’m a two-or-three-times-a-year kind of girl. Bangs are way too high maintenance. I always get them, but they’re the grow out kind.

So, am I lazy or a procrastinator? Or are hair stylists saints? I always feel kind of guilty shelling out significant amounts of money for a cut and colour, but now I’m starting to think I may have to bring Christmas gifts to the salon too…

But first things first: I have wicked red hair. I must go change my white pillow cases.

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