Donald, darling..

Oh, I hate to do it, I really do, but I find it necessary to comment on the atrocity that is The Apprentice.

I don’t get it. I’ve tried. Okay, I’ve watched a few very brief portions of a few episodes, but that’s absolutely all I can handle. Who are these people? What exactly did they do before getting scooped up onto a reality tv show? How do you get a group of people with such diverse and generic backgrounds (sales: what?? cars, coffee, cruise ship photos, girl guide cookies??) all competing for the same job? And what exactly is the job that they’re competing for??

So, I’ve obviously never actually watched the whole show. But without being provided a few specifics, I’m never going to. I’m a lab tech. I work with specifics. I need details. These people get bounced all over the board. Alright, so there’s variety in the job and they’re able to cope with change. Those are good things to look for in a career (yes, even as a lab tech). But the entire process seems so utterly based on whim, what side of the bed you got up on and whether or not someone pissed in your Corn Flakes.

And if you win, you get to work for Donald. The same guy who’s been torturing you for the preceding months. Oh, yeah. There’s an incentive.

I just don’t get it. Have I said that yet?? Well, lucky for the competitors, I guess, they won’t have to worry about me rushing in there to take their “job” away from them.

Stop laughing.

Guess they likely wouldn’t take a Canadian on the show anyway. There’s probably some network and/or free trade rules against that. And, as if they’d do a Canadian version of The Apprentice. For who?? Moses Znaimer??? heehee. We already had Made in Canada (with Moses cameos, even) and, sorry, no reality tv show is going to ever compare to that, dears.

Sorry, Donny.

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