Shameless Plug*

Yay me!!!

It’s official: I received my copy in the mail today, so I now have absolute and utter confirmation. I have a poem in the Spring 2005 edition of Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. (yes, Canadian poetry exists, and yes, there are magazines wholly devoted to it.)

So, head to the link above and find out how to gets your hands on a copy!

*this Shameless Plug interruption will affect one post only. posts will return to Venting and Bitching shortly. please stand by.

note 1: if, for some reason, you read both Quarter Rest and a thought gone further off track… first of all: Thank You. Second: this post also appears there. Just a warning so that you can more efficiently enjoy your blog reading experience.

note 2: something screwy is going on with this blog. Sometimes, the whole page loads, other times, it only shows the most recent post, posts or parts thereof. I’ve sent an email to ask about it…. please bear with!

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