trying yet again

alright. If this one doesn’t work, I’m giving it up for the weekend. I have to go out of town and still have to pack and get all my paperwork together.

Bottom line: I think I’ve patched this poor little confused template up a little. It didn’t think anything was wrong – all the code was as it apparently should be…but it wasn’t displaying right. This isn’t a full blown resolution or the like, just a bandaid. Like a homemade dinner and back rub after a spat about nothing. Hopefully the coddling will work through the weekend and beyond. I’m not sure what else I can do after this. I’m not even really sure what I did in the first place!

But, that’s no longer the point. I will now try and hit the “Publish” button and see what happens. If it’s the same as the last time and as last night: nothing.

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