split personality

Ah, what a weird week. Work’s been hectic, after-work’s been hectic (I’m supposed to be at a writers’ workshop right now, but bailed on the excuse of a headache). I’m only surviving at work by virtue of post-it notes and an extreme version of a filing system that will never make sense to anyone else but me.

Meanwhile, at home, disarray is the ruler of all. Piles of random items have taken over my kitchen, bedroom and dining room. By necessity only, my living room and bathroom remain mostly unscathed.

Apparently, my co-workers feel that it should be a little unsettling to transfer daily from the poster desk for implied organization to the pit of let-it-lie-where-it-falls. There is a decided separation between my work and my home. That’s supposed to be a good thing, right?? The fact that I live, alternately, at opposite ends of the neat and tidy spectrum really hadn’t occurred to me.

But now, I may have to write a post-it to remind myself to think about it.

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