on the wagon

I’ve been catching up on my blog reading and spent a little time on Banality Fair, where Joseph K posted about year book signings.

[aside: either Joseph K or his co-conspirator, Spiral Stairs, has changed their link to a thought gone further off track so that it now points to Quarter Rest. This could be to point bloghoppers here first, where they can then link to my other blog, or it could be because they just really like to mess with peoples’ little minds. Either way, thanks guys!]

Further reading of Sur-Reality’s site informed me in great detail of his recent night of serious drinking/debauchery.

From these posts combined, I was left reminiscing (or trying to) about high school gravel pit parties and exactly how long it’s been since I have been totally piss drunk.

Both were a very long time ago.

Now, I don’t miss the puking or the hang overs – and I really never did too much of either. I’m a disgustingly cheap drunk and manage to survive quite well as long as I have enough water and steer clear of the vodka.

Even university drinking was a little more subdued than that of high school – greater frequency, but less intensity. And, since the end of formal education, drinking alcohol has definitely taken on a more social slant: drinks after work, a martini with friends or a glass or two of wine with dinner. I think that as the drinks are drunk in a more public setting, the less the drinking is about getting drunk.

Not that I didn’t, apparently, enjoy my inebriated states. Included during such fun filled evenings were, purportedly, my one true communication with nature wherein I had an in-depth discussion with a tree on the sandbar, and a make-out session with a guy I’d had a crush on for years. Needless to say, neither encounter lead to anything profound. Other events are … less well documented.

Do I miss it? Uh, no. Would I, had I the chance (and this would include a worthy event full of other drunks, me not trying to get pregnant and having a full weekend to recover), go out and get totally shit-faced? Damn straight. I just don’t see the moon and stars aligning in that manner anytime too soon.

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  1. I was the one who changed the link from BF. I wasn’t sure whether this was a new replacement blog or a complimentary blog. I have a simple solution. I’ll link both, since I have been enjoying both.

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