post U2 glow

This post will not be a cerebral discussion of the U2 concert that I had the great fortune to attend this past Thursday. If you’re looking for something a little more profound, you’d better head over the other blog.

Ah, U2. I should have had floor tickets. I should have had floor tickets that were somehow reserved to guarantee me a place in the little inner circle, even though I had to work until 5 that day and would have had no way of securing a place in line. I should have been one of the chosen few (there were eight on Thursday) to be taken up on stage with Bono. You know, those people you feel all warm and fuzzy for, but not-so-secretly want to smack upside the head with a 2×4. Lightly, at least. No splinters.

As it was, my seats were okay. I even let Mr. QuarterRest take the aisle seat, despite the fact that it was one seat closer to my dear boys. I think he lived to regret that. Apparently, I did a lot of screaming (it was singing and shouts of approval, thank you very much) directly into his ear to the point where he felt it necessary to cover his ears toward the end of the concert.

I still think his distress was caused by the fellow sitting on the other side of me who insisted on screaming at exactly the same time I did and was not only a girly screamer but was not in harmony with me at all.

So, can a concert really be that good? Well, yes and no. There were some substantial microphone issues throughout – you’d think maybe a few issues might be there at the beginning but even by the end, the sound levels weren’t all figured out. Not that this really mattered to anyone as the entire audience sang nearly all the lyrics for every song. There were more than a few moments of commentary that were lost, though, and that was most frustrating. I also preferred the song set that they performed on the Elevation tour ever-so-slightly more than this tour. But, when you have 25 years worth of songs to choose from, there must be some tough choices to make.

As with the Elevation tour, kudos again to the band/tour planners for making the floor seats the cheapest and having the catwalk stage into the audience so that more people on the floor have a chance to see the band up close and personal. I really should have had floor tickets. Maybe next tour.

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