camera happy

Yes, I’ve been flickr-ed. It was fairly inevitable. Any photos appearing in the corner here will now be appearing courtesy of flickr, instead of through my oh-so-user-unfriendly, and preferably private, internet provider’s webspace service. So now, if you like, you can click on the photo to see a larger version, or click on the little box-o’-rotating photos in the sidebar to view all my pics (I think) – that’ll include anything that’s previously appeared here, plus a few others. There aren’t very many yet.

Hey, I’m working on it, alright?!

Another fairly inevitable thing is the upcoming addition of a Creative Commons or two. I’d been pondering its usage for another site of mine, and now again with flickr, where they go so far as to link up to it for you. Eesh. So, much cover-your-ass… it’s turning into work.

Then again, perhaps that is too much work. Anything I’ve got out there is pretty much like the proverbial old rust-riddled car. If anyone really wants it that badly…

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