further forays into politics

Oh, please. It’s not real political commentary. You should know that by now.

With the impending provincial election, I have all the standard parties set out before me, blocking my view with plastic-bag signage and filling my mail box with identical leaflets. No one’s actually phoned me yet this year. I’m almost disappointed.

Next Tuesday, I may choose from among the following evils:
– the Liberal Party (the resident evil)
– the New Democrat Party (the previously resident evil, now under new management)
– the Green Party (the feel-good evil)
– the Democratic Reform Party (the..uh…I know nothing about these guys, but there’s a lot of them)
– of course, the Marijuana Party (this is BC, after all)
– and a few wackos/independents. (’nuff said)

But, wait! This year I have another choice! I could vote for the Sex Party. These people are serious, people. And they actually have some damned good ideas. They’re just, perhaps, a little too focused in their platform. It hardly seems fair to use the word “narrow” when it comes to the Sex Party, but some, (oh c’mon any), other plans might be in order.

Sometimes I long for the good old days of the Rhino Party, when a farce was truly a farce. but now the joke parties aren’t even joke parties anymore. They’re social commentary. Elections are so terribly serious and stuffy. Yes, the fate of the province (for the next 3-5 years) will hinge on the voter tallies amassed by next Tuesday’s polling stations. I’m sure some of the people running are quite nice folks. But why is it so terrible for any of them to publicly have a sense of humour?

Someone might get offended. And that’d be oh-so-much worse than someone becoming disinterested.

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