back from the other Middle Earth

They didn’t have to go to New Zealand to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The central west coast of Vancouver Island would have done just as spectacular a job.

That’s my own humble opinion (and considering I’ve never been to New Zealand and that I’m living a mere 6 hours from said location on Vancouver Island, take that as you will).

Mr. Q and I just returned from our whirlwind weekend in and around Tofino and are mostly the better for it. There was an unfortunate allergy incident on the part of Mr. Q, but I’ll get into that in a future post – after dr.’s appointments next Tuesday, likely.

But I digress. We have just returned from our whirlwind weekend. The new photo to the side is one of many, many, many photos that I took [I have a problem, I admit it. I might deal with it … later]. More will be forthcoming as I get them into flickr. There was spectacular scenery, damn fine food and we stayed at a stunning resort.

And now I feel guilty about it. I’m hesitant to get too in depth in my effusive descriptions when, (and in some cases, if), I mention this trip to my friends and family. Some of them couldn’t have afforded this weekend away, while others, though they could, would never approve of the indulgence. So, where does that leave me after my first non-family vacation in several years? Pondering whether or not to show the resort photos and questioning the inclusion of the resort link on my family-viewed blog lest I face a barrage of “must be nice” [yes, it was] and purse-lipped “that seems a bit much for just a room” [good thing it wasn’t “just a room”, then] commentary. No, it’s not everyone and it’s not entirely malicious. I can’t begrudge a twinge of “wish I was there” or a “make sure you’ve got your RRSP purchase covered”, which are, in my glass-half-full moments, the places I’m sure my friends and family are coming from. It just, unfortunately, can occasionally blurt out sarcastic and purse-lipped.

Should I give a rat’s ass? No. Do I? Despite my best efforts, yes. Does that change any future travel decisions? No. And that, in the end, means I get to take more travel photos.

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