the remainder of the week

No, the week hasn’t started yet, but it’s pretty much over already. Monday, I have no extra-curricular stuff (yay!) except to practice for what is to come. Tuesday, I have to watch Canadian Idol and the spouse has to go out for the evening. Wednesday, I have choir rehearsal for a performance on Thursday. Thursday, in addition to the singing, I have a reading of four poems as part of a year end wrap up for a poetry studio.

The choir and poetry studio are both run through the same arts centre, which is how I get hit up twice on the same evening. Ack. Fortunately, or not, time managed itself such that I’ll be able to perform in both capacities.

In addition to that, I have to remember to phone my dentist, the local guitar shop and a few flooring places as well as get in gear to buy birthday presents for both my parents-in-law and my sister. And it seems that Father’s Day is fast approaching.

Hm. I haven’t fully reconciled the fact that it’s already June. I actually tried to write “January” the other day instead of “June”. With a schedule like this coming week, it’s no wonder dates are a-flying. Perhaps by the time I get through the end of this week, it’ll be August – just in time for two weeks of holidays.

3 responses to “the remainder of the week

  1. Does you spouse make you watch idol as some form of punishment? It’s just that you said you have to, not that you wanted too.

    Good luck on the errands, just make sure you don’t mix them up. Of course, if you did you could use a guitar pick to get the carpet out of your teeth.

  2. ah, no – I make him watch! We’re acquainted (via the whole 6 degrees of separation thing) with one of the contestants this year – watch for shameless plugs, coming in the next few weeks!

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