Mr. Q. and the Oral Allergy Syndrome

I’m slightly delayed in my follow-up to Mr. Q’s mini-allergy crisis. Mostly because I’m not terribly wowed by the results. Over our long weekend away (because these things always happen when one is away), he had an unexpected and unusual reaction to a raspberry sorbet; it wasn’t anything he usually reacts to and it wasn’t the usual type of reaction.

A brief background: Mr. Q has big time allergies and intolerances. Nothing deadly, but a lot of them. The list now includes, but may not be limited to: dairy (+/- lactose intolerance), yeast, corn, tuna, soy, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, apples, peaches, pears, plums, carrots, snow peas, raw potatoes, and birch, alder and elm pollen.


The first four are being dealt with through a Naturopath and may be transitory [god, or somesuch, willing]. The remainder are, in large part apparently, related. This is according to the allergist that Mr. Q saw last week. On some level, birch trees are related to nearly every seed and/or pitted fruit out there, as well as carrots [?! seriously, that’s what he said]. Therefore, Mr. Q’s allergies, aren’t “all that uncommon”.

[Maybe not uncommon for a specialist who sees nothing but people with seriously obnoxious allergies, she sniffed, quietly, in the corner of the doctor’s office to which she’d been relegated]

The end result of this, health wise, is no more enlightening than it was before we went in:

  • My dear SigOther has allergies, many of which are related to his seasonal pollen allergies.
  • The remainder are one-offs that don’t [apparently] warrant much comment.
  • Any allergies for which he would like confirmation can be tested for by bringing in a bit of the substance in question and the good doctor will perform a skin test with that exact substance. [ooohhh, how very high tech; a scratch and a stain].
  • Several of his current food allergies can be alleviated through thorough cooking [bleh] while the remaining allergens are simply to be avoided. [duh]
  • Aside from that, allergy shots may lessen the seasonal pollen symptoms, but only high, long-term doses of the allergy shots offer the slightest chance of maybe reducing some of the food allergies. A little. Maybe.

Oh, do I sound unimpressed?? Forgive me. It is, really and truly, very good to have confirmation that these allergies are, in some part, related and there is, therefore, some hope that Mr. Q will stop accumulating new reactions. His immune system isn’t completely random and may truly be working in some semblance of order, albeit an excessive order.

And, he has decided to go ahead with the shots next spring. We’ll see how much, or how little it helps.

I, though, get to continue peeling all the potatoes and carrots.

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