now i just need to dye my hair black too

I can feel the circles under my eyes turning a few shades darker as I sit here (it might not have helped that I sneezed violently right after putting on mascara earlier…). If I added black hair and darker clothing, I’m sure I could call it a “look”. It’s an ungodly hour to be on the computer, but it’s one of those mornings when it’s more efficient to take a quick coffee at Mr. Q’s work and then head into my work, instead of doubling back or transiting. And, as such, you get a blog entry! Yay! (ish)

I could be pracitising reading my poems aloud for tomorrow night; I should be practising my songs for tomorrow night. I could be trying to figure out why my new (cheap) little MP3 player crapped out on me yesterday, as though it knew that it took me forever to get my midis onto my expansion card and I really wanted to hear them. [I now know at least 3 ways to convert midis to MP3, and another 4 or so ways to gets those files onto my Palm, expansion card and MP3 player, but I digress…]

No, instead, I’m pondering the merits of googling travel information for our August holidays. These are the holidays that we are NOT planning in advance under the potentially misguided assumption that we can get something for somewhere at the last minute and try the “wing-it” kind of trip. [also think: wing-nut] That means, in theory, that I don’t have to think or worry about any organising until around about the week of August 1st.

However, my parents seem intent on having us come up to the little town I grew up in for two weeks. Now, it’s a nice little place. I spent a pleasant enough 14 years there through all my school-aged years. And, my parents still live there. But, my parents are already planning a trip down, literally, the week after our holidays, and they will be down again to stay with us over Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong – I, of course, love my parents dearly and it’s always good to see them. However, in light of their impending travel arrangements, I not feeling it necessary to hit northern BC on my holidays. I’m feeling it much more necessary to go way far away – preferably somewhere I’ve yet to be.

Our options, at this point, have been somewhat narrowed down to anywhere in Europe or eastern Canada. I’m seriously voting for the Great Britain area; I’d have a chance to make my way to Belfast and take my photo with this guy [a several-greats uncle – see, it’d still be a family trip!].

But, I’m not thinking about it until August. Really. No planning going on here. There are enough other thingsI should be doing.

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