we have a little problem.

It was inevitable. In a selfish effort to make my blog available to being stumbled across by the unsuspecting blog-hopper, I left it as a Public site. For my own ease and, truth be told, without thinking much about it first, this blog was created under the same login as my first.

So….it was also accessible to those few curious folk who viewed my profile. That now includes someone, identified only by their IP address, who arrived at a thought gone further off track… via a private family blog, viewed my profile and a few minutes later, viewed Quarter Rest.

The kicker is that this happened at 4am. Not only do I have a relative who has time to surf around and check out links (and I cannot, in any way, blame them for that – I do the very same), but they have time and inclination to do it at 4-freaking-am.

I have nothing damning here. I have a few bitch sessions and some info that I may not have fully divulged to friends and family, but in the end, none of it is completely classified information nor do I suspect that any of it would be shocking or appalling to anyone. I, realistically, have nothing very little to hide. But, it does mean that I may, however unnecessarily, begin to self-censor and over edit on the off chance of offending someone who has my phone number: that’s the reason I began this second blog in the first place.

I almost Deleted. And then I thought about it. I’m lazy. I could start up yet another blog, under another profile. That’s not really the end of the world. But I kind of like this one. I don’t want to just give it up. So, now QR is listed as Private and is not linked through my profile. It’s also not “out there” for the masses to trip over [ah, yes, the masses, who will, undoubtedly, now run around wailing and gnashing in fear over the thought of losing their beloved QR…..or not].

All this angst because I set up Sitemeter to see who’s been here.

Stats, damn stats et al.

2 responses to “Houston,

  1. It was probably me. I looked at both your blogs recently, after looking at your personal profile. It was 4:00 your time, but normal in Japan, which is where I live. So don’t worry. ‘Twas benign.


  2. Hey HA,

    Thanks! I think, from the timezones listed at sitemeter, that you might be a different visitor…about 20 minutes after my phantom family visitor.

    (wow, a busy night for the QR). And I’m still a little skeptical since the IP address listed shows up on my other blog quite frequently and always arrives via my family’s blog.

    Having said that, that IP hasn’t shown up at QR again, but has made several visits to a thought gone further off track… so, I just don’t know now.

    I think I’ll be plodding along for now, with one eye to the viewings…


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