June’s almost over?

Lest we sit around and wallow in various stages of sloth and idleness, the SigOther and I have gone and gotten involved with a local show that will be performed at Granville Island for two weeks in July. The play, linked above, is called Other Freds and revolves (oddly enough) around a poor fellow named Fred and a few of his counterparts in alternate universes.

While there will be three rather intense weeks (one of rehearsals and two of the show) involved on our part, and our part is a very miniscule portion, albeit at the very end, it looks to be a great deal of fuss and fun. I think we even have scheduling worked out so that the animals in our house will be contented throughout our required absences.

I’m not going to get into too much more about the piece until after it’s started because, if anyone’s around, they should go! That, and really, you’ll know just about as much as I do by visiting the site. It turns out that we won’t actually be able to see any of the play – we were hoping for maybe a little – so we’ll be in the dark as to its full impact.

And that’s really going to be too bad, to have to say that we never got to see Other Freds, but we will get to say that we were in it.

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