Mr. Q. and the Impending Birthday

Mr. Q’s 32nd birthday is fast approaching. What, might you ask, does a mature, intelligent, professional man of 32 want for his birthday??

Perhaps a new Sony digital/SLR camera with 12x zoom? [HINT. you got lots of time – my birthday’s not ’til the fall…]

Perhaps more audio equipment, musical instrument paraphernalia or the Monty Python box set?

No. The venerable Mr. Q wants either a PlayStation or XBox. He has graciously left the choice up to me so that he can be “surprised”. For his 32nd birthday, Mr. Q is turning 16.

What worries me more is that I have bought him games in the past, and not even sucky games. These were, I was assured by the game-guy, good quality strategy games and the occasional good quality sports game. These games have been played. A little. So, now Mr. Q requests more gaming stuff to maybe play more games on??

My sister got her SigOther a PlayStation this past Christmas and it has suffered the exact fate that I now fear. A few plays of a few games and the PlayStation has become a pretty little dust collector.

Maybe not. Maybe I underestimate Mr. Q’s interest in gaming. Maybe, due to the current inappropriate gaming space that exists in our office, gaming is not something that can be easily enjoyed.

Maybe I just don’t want to get dragged into being the second player of car chase/all-star football/conquer the Roman empire/golf with the pros. Maybe.

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