more photos that I didn’t get to take


a cloudy cameraless Canada Day on Granville Island.

After negotiating a parking space at 1pm on a holiday Friday (that’s worth a whole blog post unto itself), I sat on the boardwalk sipping my skim milk medium vanilla latte, purchased from an independent coffee shop (yes, a few of those still exist). The steps I snagged for a seat were facing False Creek and almost directly under Granville Street bridge, giving me an amazing series of views for the thirty-some-odd minutes that I awaited the arrival of my friend, her cousin and her two little dogs. It was not raining, but partly cloudy – perfectly so for non-glaring photographs. I know this because of the plethora of photographers out and about. But did I think to bring my camera? No. So, here are another list of photographs that you will not be seeing:

– the steel supports of the bridge, framing a receding row of the cranes, concrete, glass and steel that make up the Yaletown condos.

– an aged fishing boat, raised out of the water and resting between the boardwalk and the bridge support, named “Relief”

– numerous yachts, sailboats, kayaks, motorboats and canoes. And aquabuses full of tacky tourists and, often tackier, locals

– the carved columns of the Burrard Street bridge, viewed behind sail boat masts

– adorable kids aplenty, guys in business suits with Canadian flags in their breast pockets and non-Canadians wearing more maple leaf imprinted clothing and flags than, I think, any Canadian actually owns.

– innumerable seagulls, pigeons and ducks

– the jazz festival’s free outdoor stages, with snazzy bands and their upright basses (the coolest instrument EVER)

– a little kid in full Darth Vader regalia (and a Canadian flag)

At this point, I probably would have run out of space on the camera and/or batteries.

Happy (end of) Canada Day!

2 responses to “more photos that I didn’t get to take

  1. It could have been worse. You could have remembered the camera but forgotten the memory card hanging out fo the computer slot.

    Missed waaaay too many shots that way.

  2. I’m imagining my way through the park right now…


    Hey Darth kid! Aren’t you hot in that outfit?

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