Gen X -ish

Despite likely falling into the realm of generation x, both Mr. Q and I have decided that there just aren’t that many people out there who are actually our age(s).

Among friends and co-workers, [and aside from high school friends] I have only four people who are within 2 years of me (2 on either side). Everyone else that I associate with on a regular basis is at least five years older and, more often 10, 15 or 20. Mr. Q has an even more dramatic age gap with his friends and acquaintances. Where are the 30 year olds?

Apparently, not in our suburb.

This point was highlighted yesterday after rehearsal when our friends, who were giving us a ride home, commented on the fact that we fell into the “young’uns” category. It seems that we’re about 7-10 years younger than this couple – if I had previously been asked to guess, I would have said we were 3-5 years younger.

Normally, I don’t even consider age [unless it involves a gaggle of teenagers taking up excessive amounts of space on transit or in the mall], am obviously bad at guessing ages and have a hard time remembering, at any given moment, exactly how old I am, how old Mr. Q or my relatives are, or how long I’ve been married. But, every now and then, someone exclaims that, oh!, I’m older or younger than they had thought.

[to which I always desperately wish to ask: how old, really, did you think I was?? Do I really look and/or act 24 or 36? And what is looking and/or acting 24 or 36, anyway?]

On what I had thought a separate note, but perhaps really along the same lines, I’ve had two [5+ years older] friends tell me in the past week how much like them they think I am. Thing is, I hadn’t thought these people were all that similar.

So, is everyone out there assuming that I am like them – in age and personality – until proven otherwise? Or, am I turning chameleon and somehow providing only the aspects of me that suit the company?

Ugh. Either way, it’s way too deep a circuitous thought to ponder for long, and is in danger of toppling down one of many slippery slopes without even a nudge.

Stuff age, actions and assumptions. I won’t think differently of anyone of any age if you won’t [unless you’re a teenager taking up an inordinate amount of space on transit or in the mall].

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