links, they are a changin’

Sidebar updates:

1. After a long, commendable run, during which I often cursed, hit things and ate tylenol like candy while baby-stepping html, freezing the computer and butchering formats, I have deleted my LabGP’s Home website. I have been converted to the land of Blog and could see no reason to let my dear old site to suffer in stagnation.

2. I’ve added Mark Sylvester’s site to the Other Pages. He was the musical director [hope that’s the correct term...] for Other Freds, despite the fact that he’s from DC and Other Freds was not. Regardless, he’s just an incredibly cool guy who put together a kick ass score and has a truly gorgeous voice to boot. So, go visit his site.

3. In the BlogRoll, a few pages have been removed because, like LabGP’s Home, they hadn’t been updated in eons. So, bye to lawfulgal and Sur-Reality. I’ll check in on them every now and then and, if they start posting again, I’ll put them back up. On another note, Orange Quark has joined forces with a few cohorts and formed Cosmic Variance [Orange Quark’s a cooler name but, despite my personal and temperamental naming biases, the stuff at Cosmic Variance thus far has made for much good reading].

I think that’s it for now. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

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