staged inner peace

A couple of weeks ago [while in the middle of the whole Other Freds thing, which is why you’re not hearing about it until now], we switched yoga instructors at work. The original one returned with the beginning of a new session.

At the same time, she was having an article done on her company, Pure Yoga, about bringing classes into places of work and all the benefits that come with that. So, a photographer showed up after class and took photographs. Of course, they published one of the last ones taken – the one when I thought ‘nah, they won’t use that shot’.


What’s really scary is how many people at work saw the picture AND tried to bring me a copy of it. My name’s not even mentioned [thank whomever, as, while I’m sure it’s a rather artistic photo, it’s not a great pose on my part] but apparently, that didn’t matter. Apparently, even bystander / backgrounder appearances are worthy of note. Oooh – we can now shave another 10 seconds off my 15 minutes of fame!

I’ve got to find a way to incorporate the Other Freds experience in my resume, but I’m not sure that including Newspaper-Story-Yoga-Model [and I use the term loosely] will add anything of value or even generate any interest comparable to that of my family and co-workers.

Maybe if I include the fact that the photo was in colour…

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