Welcome to Hotel My House

It’s that time of year.

Our schedule for downstairs guest room [from now on, called The Room] is filling up fast and I am worried about having to dredge up the leaky air mattress to accommodate theoretical double-bookings. [trust me, no one wants that]

This influx of relatives may be the reason that we almost never go away in the summer months. This year, our trip was planned around pet-sitter availability and there’s nothing wrong with that. It does, still, seem a little strange to be going away when we are having [so far] such a gorgeous summer, but I think, in terms of our holidays, it’ll work out brilliantly.

However, our holidays are now interfering with those of our extended family.

We had company last weekend. The same dear folk are returning this weekend. My parents are visiting for an undisclosed number of days shortly after our return. My in-laws, it seems, were planning a visit during the same timeframe and we had to suggest that, since The Room is booked, perhaps an in-law visit would be better later in the fall. Then, after all that, my parents have purchased their plane tickets for a trip back here over Christmas.

Yes, there will be a brief lull in November, during which I can do all my holiday shopping and card prep [due to a genetic quirk and/or guilt complex, I am one of those few who issues annual holiday cards, complete with a cheesy letter recapping the past year. I would have hoped that, with the internet, I could move past this. It seems unlikely].

Take into account that we will have a house-sitter staying here while we are gone [and must, therefore, prepare for her arrival], and I will be washing a lot of bed linen and towels and doing some extra-careful cleaning for the rest of the year.

oh jeez. The Rest of the Year.

If I start to get loopy, it’s the bathroom cleaner fumes.

***addendum at 9:22pm: I have just spoken to my sister and she has booked The Room for 4 nights in October. I think The Room now officially gets more traffic than my blogs.

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