serial absenteeism

WARNING: holidays are looming and I will be internet-less and, therefore, blog-less, after this week. (unless I wish to pay for the privilege of access which, if I do, will be limited to checking for urgent emails from our house-sitter.)

So, after taking a break through the Other Freds experience, I will be taking another short break to accommodate my beach experience.

Yes, a beach experience. The SigOther wanted a beach holiday. Now, it’s August, and it’s been a fairly pleasant August but that, apparently, does not quell his need for a pleasant August elsewhere. So, we are off on a plane [several planes, to be exact] to do absolutely nothing for a while.

In addition to preparing myself to be internet-less [were that not enough], I had to purchase bathing suits.

Bathing suits are expensive.

The trying on was only moderately traumatic – I was pretty sure which pieces weren’t going to do me any justice long before I got to the change room and, with the help of a compassionate sales girl associate, found a few decent tops and bottoms. But, damn, for the amount of swimming and/or sun-bathing that I ever do, it was more than a little traumatic to actually purchase the pieces.

But they are purchased. And I will get a nice tan in them [yes, covered in sunscreen the entire time. we have already purchased gallons of 50spf to soak in prior to sun even rising].

The only potential problem? If the other vacationers on the beach tend toward topless sun-bathing. When in Rome… and that’s all fine. But having spent 1/2 my bathing suit money on bikini tops, I’ll be rather choked if I don’t get a little use out of them.

2 responses to “serial absenteeism

  1. Thanks, I most certainly will!!

    [though if the beach turns out to be bottomless, there may be a brief, discomfitted adjustment phase, but I’ll have a couple of weeks to get over it]

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