planned giving

My birthday and Christmas are over, months in advance.

It all started innocently enough; we wanted to get a new memory stick for our camera so that we could take more photos on our trip. Turns out, we bought the new generation memory stick – the one that our dear old camera can’t handle.

We could have returned the memory stick. It was allowed – I asked before we paid for it. We could have purchased another old-school stick and moved on.

But Mr. Q had the idea that this new fangled memory stick was exactly the kind that would be used in the camera I was coveting for my birthday [see link above]. So, instead of returning the fancy memory, why not buy the camera that could use it?

Normally, this kind of logic has me

  • laughing hysterically,
  • hitting Mr. Q over the head with a pillow,
  • bulging at the eyes and foaming at the mouth or
  • all of the above.

There is a good chance that at least one of these did happen briefly last night. But it was short lived, for some reason, and the sheer good, solid common sense of pursuing the purchase of a new camera overwhelmed me. So, we took a trip to Best Buy [god, strike me dead now, for I have shopped at Best Buy…but they do have a price match and, most importantly, they had the camera in stock] and brought home my new baby.

Yes, I know my Palm was is my baby, but I know I can love them both and they’ll just have to learn to get along.

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