we came home

Well, I’ve returned.

My cat is happy to see me and now stalks my every move. My dog was initially happy, but is now just as content as before we left.

Our house sitter threatened to take him [the dog] away with her, so I think he was spoiled. Now that things are back to normal, it likely just okay in his books.

Photos will be coming up fast and furious: I’m trying to get 10 or so posted a day. Just to make sure I get through them all in a timely and orderly fashion. I mean, laundry and grocery shopping can wait, no?

I also have a soon-to-be cryptic series of notes from the past two weeks that I will need to get down in writing over the next little while, while I still remember what the hell I was talking about.

Until then, precious sleep to recover for the 18 hour marathon airplane/airport extravaganza (followed by a 5 hour shift at work).

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