I’m now back from two weeks of holidays in Cuba. I basked on the beaches, toured the local towns and waters, swam with dolphins and ate myself farther out of a bathing suit body.

I also got to see some spectacular clouds and lightening over the ocean as the fringes of a hurricane named Katrina passed us. The beach grill was closed for 2 days and it was a little too windy to spend much time on the sand.

That is absolutely no perspective for the events that are now transpiring in the southern states. We watched CNN (a channel that now, upon watching for more than 2 minutes at a time, scares me) while we were in Cuba and saw the storm go through Florida, and, yeah, it seemed like a bad bit of weather that was moving out of our way in time to catch our flight home. I was accepting of the, at the time, little red swirl floating around the tip of Florida.

I am, however, completely incapable of fathoming the damage, the loss and, now, the living of people who were caught up in the hurricane after it’s second landfall. I can’t imagine fathoming it, even were I in it. I can’t fathom some of the stories that have come out and statements that have been made (all re-hashed by better bloggers than I, so I won’t bore you here).

So, instead, I’ll go deal, as I must anyway, with laundry and work and groceries. For once, thank god/whomever, that hasn’t changed.

One response to “Reconciliation

  1. Laundry, work and groceries. What wonderful privileges, so easily taken for granted.

    I’m so glad you are safely home.

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