what with the grass being greener on the other side

Another list of photographs that I didn’t get to take (this time, while in Cuba):

– turkey vulture, in flight and/or on the phone posts
– the fishing villages en route from Varadero to Havana
– pelicans skimming the waves, generally in twos or threes
– a clean shot of any old cars in Havana [there was always a lamp post, another car or a person in the way]
– the dark, giant 6″ across moth that was plastered to the restaurant door on our last morning [SigOther saw it too and verified that it was real – I am NOT making this up – it was that big!]
– the escape of the hot pink inner tube in the waves, while the girth-endowed owner attempted to chase it down – in, and then out, of the water [okay, so that would have made a better video than photo, but still…]

That’s all I can remember not getting. I’m sure there were other images that I missed all together. I’m sure there were many quintessential Cuban things that I missed all together, but this was not a trip of doing. We went, we relaxed and if we go back sometime, we can find other places, people and photos-in-waiting then.

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