available for the flogging

Tonight is the first meeting of the 05/06 year of the local writers’ society. [I think my dues are due] I think I’ll take only one poem in for critiquing; I’m copping out. It’s one that I previously had feedback on from another group. I can’t bring myself to bring anything new and ragged to tonight’s group as it may [may] contain a significant number of new people. And I kind of quite like this poem – it’s been filed [by me] as submission worthy. No pressure.

The main reason that I like this writers’ group is the same reason that makes me more cautious about presenting my material [as opposed to presenting material at the monthly poetry studio I attend]. Tonight’s group is comprised of, not only poets, but fiction and non-fiction writers [published!], playwrights and song writers. The poets who do attend tend to be far more seasoned performers than I and, while I certainly read my stuff aloud for sound, slam poetry it ain’t. This group provides a different perspective and… it provides a different perspective.

So, tonight, I’ll hopefully receive a fresh batch of feedback and tweak my dear ol’ lines into publication.

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