admission is the first step

Our day began such that I was unable to have a cup of coffee.

I had most of a cup of my favourite tea before taking the cat the vet’s for her bi-monthly nail trim, so I was (technically) competent to function until early afternoon. Prior to my tea wearing off, we were to make our way out to a corporate picnic/day at the park for SigOther’s work. Last year, there was so much food and pop left that everyone felt bad and took some home. Surely, it would be the same this year. I would, most certainly, have no need to pick up a coffee on the way out.

Or not.

Having learned their lesson last year, organisers cut down on the amount of food. Apparently, having learned their lesson from not attending last year, a small army of people showed up. By the time SigOther and I arrived, fashionably late, there were a few small bags of chips and a sketchy assortment of left over pop – the kinds no one really likes to drink, or at least publicly admits to drinking.

Normally, I don’t drink much pop at all. If I do, it’s almost always ginger ale or root beer. And only under great strain do I ever drink the sickly syrupy concoction of Mountain Dew.

A few minutes after arriving, SigOther cautiously wandered over to me with two cans of pop and, from a distance, told me that, while there wasn’t much, he had found one for me. He stuck out his arm and handed me a Mountain Dew. Ick. But, being at a corporate function, I supposed I really should try and be pleasant and congenial and if it took a ghastly beverage to do it, then I’d just have to suck it up.

After opening the can and grimacing through my first swig, I noted a small caption near the mouth. It was bright and shiny and in capitals, like the manufacturers wanted me to read it. So, I did: CAFFEINE FREE!

Being at a corporate function, and wanting to be pleasant and congenial, I smiled and showed SigOther the neat little writing on the can.

He left and went to help fill water balloons.

Fortunately, what this Mountain Dew lacked in caffeine, it made up for in sugar and that, at least, carried me through the end of the picnic, down the long winding road, through the mall parking lot and to my very late, very first cup of oh-so-delicious coffee.

Yes, I’ve taken the first step to admitting my need for coffee. I simply feel no need to go any further.

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