yes, I’m bored

Mr. Q is upstairs watching the last of a football game. We were watching Sin City, but I left. I was spending way too much time laughing at the lines and pondering the plot requirement of shooting everyone in the crotch. Gorgeously filmed, but that wasn’t making up for lameass dialogue.

So, instead, I surf. And came across this little bit o’ factoid at IMDb [yeah, yeah, you’ve likely already been there, done that and are now somewhat horrified that I didn’t know about this already]. There are a tonne of people who were born [or for that matter, died or got married] on the same day I was born. And some of them are actually famous.

Yes, I’m bored and easily amused….

One response to “yes, I’m bored

  1. The dialogue in Sin City hurt so bad that I thought about medication.

    Thank god I’m not lactose intolerate, taht much cheese could be fatal

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