knock knock…who’s there

Joseph K tagged me for one of those fill-in-the-blanks-about-yourself thingys – the last part of which, prompts one to hit up five other bloggers to carry on the thingy.

It’s not filling in the blanks that will be the onerous task, but deciding which of my blogs to post it on – the one that actually links from my profile kinda makes the most sense and the content doesn’t seem to warrant familial anonymity, but do I have five bloggers who actually regularly read either blog?

As far as I know, no.

I do have SiteMeter hooked up to all three of my blogs [the third of which is a family blog, so, no, my dear internet-only buds, you do not get to read it. family is family and QR is QR and n’er the two need meet. you get the good stuff here anyway] and I get some interesting information off it. But, the stuff I need in this case – like who is hitting my site from their corporate server in California every other night – remains a mystery, as SiteMeter can’t show me all the pages that people are linking from. I know who clicks through on Blogger and some search engines, and I know when someone clicks through on Blog Explosion. With a few Blogger exceptions, though, those aren’t my repeat customers. I can account for friend and family ISPs on the other blogs, and yet there are still lurkers.

And I can’t complain [except perhaps about the lack of information about referral sites…maybe, maybe not]. I lurk, too, and on a grand scale. While I may blame it on being west coast, and therefore only getting to posts long after it’s all been said and bloggers have moved on, or on not wanting to add something tired and lame simply for the sake of, at some point, I’m just lazy and/or laconic. Take your pick.

Ah well, at least you guys are out there – lurkers and commentors alike. Feel free to [please!] keep reading and, hey, de-lurk one day if you feel like it – but only if you feel like it. No pressure.

Once I know about you, though, you might get hit up with one of those fill in the blank thingys…

[the thingy, complete with answers, will appear on the other blog in due course]

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