As requested by Joseph K, here are my responses to the following.

Ten Years Ago – Sept 1995:
Just engaged and beginning my last year of university in Edmonton while working casual hours as a phlebotomist. Living, alone, just off campus in a beetle ridden basement suite. SigOther, having secured his position with a diamond, left to work engineer-voodoo in the gold mines up north.
Listening to: U2, 54-40, Blue Rodeo, Queen, R.E.M., Alanis Morissette, mixed tapes of top 40 crap.

Five Years Ago – Sept 2000:
Just moved into recently purchased townhouse, and out of spider ridden basement suite (different basement from previously mentioned beetle ridden suite). Setting up for my fourth career move. Due to rotating work shifts, finished actively volunteering with BC Pets and Friends and Options for Sexual Health. Began choir. Celebrated fourth anniversary … um … probably by going out to dinner.
Listening to: U2, Chantal Kreviazuk, Barenaked Ladies, Annie Lennox, Colin James, Great Big Sea, top 40 crap.

One Year Ago – Sept 2004:
Getting used to having entire house back, after SigOther’s cousin was living with us while finding jobs and an apartment. Arranging seventh career move. Began, under the direction of a physiotherapist, battling a random bout of tendonitis in both ankles. Renewed my involvement with Options for Sexual Health. Unbeknownst to me at the time, answered my last radio poll before turning 30 and thereby leaving the demographic of interest. Celebrated eighth anniversary by taking the day off and being tourists in Vancouver.
Listening to: U2, Hawksley Workman, Molly Johnson, Denzal Sinclaire, Travis, waffling between top 40, rock and best-of-the-80’s-90’s-and-now.

Yesterday – Sept 16, 2005:
Got up early to see my parents off as they ended their vacation with a long drive from here to there. Worked, and put in one hour overtime. Lost the battery cover for the on-call pager. Had Malaysian food for lunch, instead of opting into the available yoga class. Sat, slightly bleary-eyed, in front of the computer drafting this post.
Listening to: U2 (uh…were you expecting something else?), Dave Matthews Band, traffic and weather reports.

Five Songs I Know all the Words to: Okay.
I sing in choir. So, change the title to….
Five Songs by Canadian Artists that I Know all the Words to and Haven’t Sung in Choir:
1. Surrounded (Chantal Kreviazuk) 2. Tofu & Greens (Denzal Sinclaire) 3. Smoke, Baby (Hawksley Workman) 4. The End (The Philosopher Kings) 5. Make It Go Away (Holly Cole)

Five Snacks:
1. Pringles light (mmm…chips) 2. Chocolate (preferably expensive and unadulterated) 3. Timbits (appear with disturbing frequency at work) 4. cereal (‘cuz it’s there….) 5. honey roasted almonds (in a bowl on my kitchen counter)

Five Things I’d do with $100million:
1. pit financial institutions against each other until someone comes up with the best investment plan so that I’ll be able to easily accomplish the remaining four items for the rest of my life (sadly, this is SigOther’s influence. this would not have been my answer 10 years ago)
2. travel. everywhere. in style. (not “in style” for those places where backpacking is some sort of requirement – but those would be short trips)
3. take all the artsy classes that I never saw reason had time to take, including, but not limited to: philosophy, music, anthropology and religious studies. And lots of languages.
4. make a series of donations to various, carefully chosen, organisations with the provision that they are not allowed to hit me up for any more money later. I will donate more later, but they can’t phone me first.
5. get my dog and cat a yard (yes, fenced, of course – before anyone else says it)

Five Places I’d Run Away to:
(caveat: having never been to any of them)
1. Great Britain – somewhere moor-y preferably in Ireland or Scotland 2. Spain – somewhere coastal 3. New Zealand – middling sized town 4. Japan – country side 5. Denmark (okay, I’ve been there, but I’d go back) – Copenhagen

Five Things I’d Never Wear:
(god help me if anyone actually has a photo of me in any of the following and I have simply blanked it out)
1. a tiara 2. dyed-to-match shoes 3. sequins 4. yellow 5. …
uh…I guess anything else has an outside chance.

Five Favourite (ed. current) TV Shows:
1. House 2. The Daily Show 3. What Not to Wear 4. Good Eats 5. a tie: Neat & MythBusters

Five Greatest Joys:
1. family (yes, you made me say type it) 2. randomly singing when no one’s around 3. cat napping with my cat and/or dog 4. being in the middle of nowhere, even if it’s in the middle of the city 5. noticing some new little thing, and keeping it to myself

Five Favourite Toys:
1. camera 2. Palm 3. computer 4. pencil 5. piano

Five People to Tag:
your turn to fill this out!
1. RainyPete 2. Wenda 3. MarloGirl (are you still stopping by?) 4. Bob (first task for the new blog!). 5. ….yeah. I’ll fill this one in later.

That’s it. All true, as I remember it and likely more that I don’t/choose not to remember.

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  1. most true – I gather you’re enlightened?? 😀

    Some of the Q&A stuff I’ve seen floating around is just too wacky, but this one’s good.

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