uh, is this the new math?

I’ve moved on from yesterday’s angst to a more pressing problem of stats, damned stats and [theoretical] lies.

So, help me out. How does this work?

Mimi (see link above) has a referral list near the bottom of her page that shows Quarter Rest [I clicked on it – and it’s actually QR] sends her anywhere from 10 to 16 hits a day.

According to my friends at SiteMeter, I don’t get 10 to 16 hits a day. That would seem to make it rather difficult to send 10 to 16 referrals on to her. [I don’t begrudge her a single one of them -she’s got good stuff – but the columns don’t add up!]

I visit her once a day, when she has updates [okay, twice today, to verify that Quarter Rest was really me]. So, no, I’m not stalking Mimi, nor am I inflating QR referrals just for fun.

I mean, it’s neat, but what the hell?? Has someone stolen my ISP [and, therefore, isn’t counted by SiteMeter] and uses it, not only to pour, repeatedly, over Mimi in New York posts, but to link there from QR? Is there another definition of “referrals within the past 24 hours”? Is there a tear in the space-time continuum? Is there some internet worm hole whereby surfers can slide by QR without actually hitting it? Oh my god, has the whole system been taken over by the Borg? Damn it, Jean-Luc, where are you when I need you?

[Sorry. I’m okay now. My trekkie has been shoved back in the closet.]

It’s just too wierd to contemplate further. Another blog gets more hits from QR than QR gets itself. Period. That’s all there is to it. Apparently paradoxical? Yes. Inexplicable in the maze of the world wide web? I doubt it.

Beyond me? Oh, yeah.

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