my bridges only smolder

I have a larger pile of newspaper clippings now than I had two weeks ago. My parents’ arrival, last Sunday, brought, not only my parents, homemade wine and fresh-outta-the-river smoked salmon, but the obligatory pile of handouts. Sometimes the pile includes clothing and books. This visit, it was comprised solely of newspaper and magazine clippings.

To be of interest, magazine clippings must discuss something I’ve already told my mother about, or provide ‘irrefutable’ information about the latest health scare discovery [of which I will undoubtedly suffer unless I begin to take supplement x now].

This time, however, the newspaper clippings were the stars: two birth announcements and a wedding announcement. One birth announcement was introducing the child of a guy I went to high school with, but haven’t seen since. I didn’t know either parent named in the other clipping – they may have been the much younger siblings or much younger cousins of people I used to know. The ‘much younger’ part may have been the point.

The wedding clipping was that of an ex-boyfriend – an ex-boyfriend that neither of my parents particularly liked. I’m still not really sure what the point of bringing this one was – unless it was to show how he’s aged, or how cute his spouse is.

Really, I try to live in now. I keep in touch, and discuss current happenings, with some very good friends from high school, but I have completely forgotten the names of many people I grew up with. That is, until I am inundated with newspaper clippings.

I’m not trying to escape or forget anything in past. I just don’t see the need to have the past in front of me, despite the best parental efforts.

2 responses to “my bridges only smolder

  1. Smart girl. While it’s important to never forget the past, as you might forget the lessons learned through it, you can’t live in it.

    I’m sure your Mom means well, but don’t they always??

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