preparing for the second wave

Having gladly accepted a preliminary invitation for Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house [one of those friends who has the awe inspiring capacity to throw huge parties with tonnes of food and tonnes of people and tonnes of booze with less than 6 hours notice], I went home and put in my calendar.

Not three hours later, we find out that the InLaws have the week of October 3 off and are planning on coming out for a visit [coincidentally, I have the same week off… during this brief portion of the phone conversation, on which I was eavesdropping, my blood pressure reached new heights]. How did we feel about…say…the 7 through the 10th??


Now, I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner and use my china and it won’t be nearly as mouth-watering as T’s will be. But at least Mr. Q, aka Allergy Boy, will get to eat.

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