other news of import

Somehow, I forgot to mention [silly me, must’ve been distracted by something…] that I’ve taken a deep breath and let four more poems leave the the safety and comfort of my computer.

I’ve shipped them with a brief, but pleasant, note via email to a magazine that publishes both online and in the real world. I’m a little worried about them, as email can do funny things to one’s formatting. I was not allowed to bundle them up snug in an attachment, though, and had to let them tough it out through servers and preference settings. I did send them on two little trial runs [can’t just email them out into the big bad world without a little practice], and they weathered the trips well. Mind you, the trips were return trips to my own biased system on which, I’m sure, they will always look just fine.

I’ve sent the obligatory mix of pieces:

  1. The One That Should be Published,
  2. The Quirky One That I Love and Will Submit Ad-Nauseum, Even Though It is Unlikely to Ever be Published,
  3. The Personal, Defiant-ish One
  4. The Ever-So Slightly Tortured Reflective One

So, we’ll see what happens… the magazine states that they respond [no timeline, other than that of the next publication] so, at least I’ll know one way or another.

I just hope they arrived safely at the editor’s desk, line breaks intact.

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