shades of venting and gossipping

Oh, I’ve been a bad blogger…I had last week off and spent next to no time on the computer at all. Not that I did much else, but seem to unintentionally take the week off from everything, inlcuding the blogs.

I did manage to clean in preparation for the arrival of the InLaws [although I was still cleaning the bathroom (in my sweatpants, looking like some freakishly sick chia pet due to multiple, randomly placed ponytails) when they arrived early and without phoning first. but I digress]. I did manage to get through the weekend with the InLaws, the associated 2nd and 3rd degree relatives and the rather sketchy buffet lunch on Sunday.


But afterward, what I did find myself doing was venting to my own mother about all the stressfull dietary issues that arise with every InLaw visit; while both of Mr. Q’s parents are diabetic, only one acknowledges it and the other, in the face of my own diabetic mother’s obsessive glucose control, seems rather laissez-faire about several aspects. Yet, health and diet are constantly discussed. Loudly.

I had meant only to vent here. That’s what this is for. But now, Mr. Q’s InLaws know more about my InLaws than I had intended. It seems neither particularly relevant nor appropriate to slash the spouse’s parents, especially to one’s own parents.

But, at the end of the day, if you can’t bitch to your own mother, who else can you bitch to [aside from you all, dear bloggers]? Now that she’s had the brunt of it, you no longer have to deal with the verbal diatribe that was to have been your fate.

My InLaws will carry on. One day, they’ll clue in, or be clued in by their doctors. Until then, we continue to ‘discuss’ with them, and I’ll continue to vent.

2 responses to “shades of venting and gossipping

  1. So what you’re saying is that we dodged a bullet here?

    You may be a bad blogger, but I’d say if you don’t have anything to write and you opt to stay away and take care of what needs doing, then you doing just fine as a person. I worry that my blog will begin to run my life, what if I don’t post, etc……

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