me and the Volkswagen driver at Willingdon & Grandview

Driving home after a long day of pushing too much paper that belonged to too many little piles, I decided it was high time to crank the cd and just sing along to the tunes. So, off I went: around the corner, down the hill, through the gorgeously green light and past the left turn lane where it so often gets backed up. I came to a stop at the next light in perfect time with some grand chord, and kept belting out the chorus.

And then there came upon me the realization that a car had stopped next to me in the left turn lane and was lined up exactly so that the driver and I were in clear visual range.

After toning down the dramatics a touch [because to suddenly stop singing would look even stupider], it became possible to sneak a peek at my new rush hour buddy.

She was wailing along to her favourite tune just as unashamed as I had been moments before.

And it was all good.

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