into the pit

The basement is once again rearing it’s ugly head… as much as a basement can do, what with being at the bottom of the house.

I’ve had an overdue note appearing in my email for the last month: phone the contractor. I am so procrastinating.

I’m at an impasse regarding what kind of bookshelves I want him to build. I’ve found a table that I like [not sure if SigOther likes it, but if he was really terribly concerned, he’d’ve come shopping with me] and I thought that would clear everything up with respect to the bookshelves. It hasn’t.

I’m at the point now where I may just phone our guy up and get him to finish the basement without all the extra cabinetry work. I feel kind of bad about it, because the woodworking is the stuff he likes to do. There is still a little woodworking to be done in the living room and we’re definitely going ahead with that, but I fear that if the basement is to ever be finished, it will have to be in stages. I know that’s not ideal but my visualizing powers appear to be at an all time low and my motivation is fast racing to join in.

I’ve now tentatively scheduled the basement clean up for the upcoming long weekend [unbeknownst to SigOther, and in and around getting my hair done and going out to friends’ for supper]. After that, we get the contractor back and try and set some dates.

I need deadlines and scheduling; that’s the only way to get things done around here. Otherwise, I just simply get used the appearance of the ugly old basement. Kind of like I have for the last five years…

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