"she is just SO cute!"

Those were the words uttered by Mr. Q upon leaving the office of Dr. R.

We had our first appointment with Dr. R on Wednesday morning; our regular physician, Dr. W, doesn’t do pregnancy, birthing or any such nonsense, so we were foisted off on Dr. R. Dr. R resides in the same clinic as Dr. W and gets all the pregnant people.

While the speil Dr. R offered may have been a little rehearsed [really, this woman must’ve had to spout the same generic stuff a gabillion times], she completely exudes calm and trust. The fact that she kind of looks like the love child of a fairy god mother and a well-fed elf doesn’t hurt much either. She is completely adorable and motherly – but not in the “eat all your vegetables” way.

We have concluded that yes, though pregnant, I can continue imbibing small amount of coffee, I can have fish [including tuna] once a week, I can help paint [probably a good thing, in the end] and I can get my hair coloured. As I knew, I cannot have raw sushi. I also verified my suspicions that “there is no need” for additional vitamin supplements, although I was really hoping to be able to up my vitamin Bs. Exhaustion sucks.

I return to see her in another month and I believe Mr. Q will be coming, if work permits his attendance. Dr. R was tossing around vague threats of “maybe” being able to hear the heart beat at that time. As a result, I’m pretty sure Mr. Q will make sure that work permits his attendance.

For that, and so he can become more smitten with our new doc’s cuteness.

2 responses to “"she is just SO cute!"

  1. Mr Q hasn’t been warned about toying with pregnant women yet has he? Commenting on another woman when you’re wife is frther along may lead to health problems such as footwear in uncomfortable places.

  2. hm…not responsible due to hormones…I have to keep that in mind. Not that it’d make much difference; I think that Mr. Q has the death-wish gene.

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