whilst pondering each nuance and tone

Yep, the first poetry studio convenes tomorrow afternoon.


I’ve been dithering lazy in my editing and waiting only for those phrases that hit me in a profound epiphany, rather than taking the time to tease out succinct bits of wording.

I need a smack up side the head.

Now, to my knowledge, no one at the group tomorrow [though there are a couple of newbies] is of the ilk to literally smack me up side the head, but a little verbiage adjustment will do just as well.

Plus, I get to read other works – something I’m also lazy about on my own. I have a few publications that I check into and a few books that have been dog eared with personal faves but none of it is terribly broadening in the horizons department.

So, yes, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

And if I’m not able to adequately edit between now and then, I can at least go now and print off a few copies for editing.

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