with fair and sufficient warning

There is a Miami football game on. I’m not sure if it’s the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Hurricanes or the other Florida team [Gators??]. It doesn’t really matter. A game is on and therefore I can not watch tv upstairs on the real set. If I want to watch anything, it’ll have to be on the archaic [seriously, at least 20 year old] 14″ tv in the guest room.

Maybe I’ll phone my sister instead. I should check in on her anyway; she’s been having serious stomach/gall bladder/abdominal problems of an undetermined origin for that last little while and it’s been adding to, not only her stress [how helpful], but that of our mother’s [also not helpful]. Hopefully things will be less painful, or at least more enlightened, after a trip to a specialist on Tuesday. While the town they live in a gorgeous little spot, it does mean that doctors and specialists [especially] are hard to come by and, in the case of specialists, travel is involved. Now, no one expects to have to need a specialist in one’s 20-30 something years, but if you do, it’s nice to have a few around [even if, realistically, they’re not any more accessible than the ones in the boondocks].

Personal preference. There’s a lot of things about city living that my sister simply never wants to deal with. There are a few things that she loves. Same with me and small towns: a little good, but mostly lacking.

And perceived access to quicker health care [hopefully, at least in an emergency situation] is one of those things I prefer to have around.

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