a clear day brings out all the crazies

Yesterday was actually sunny. After several days of rain, it was quite bizarre to see, not only so much sun, but so many people out and about – many with no apparent purpose other than to be out and about. I wasn’t one of them. I’m battling the dregs of a cold that left me with little incentive to get off the couch until I had to go out in the afternoon.

There were so many afternoon strollers on our front lane that I was beginning to get a bit paranoid. Driving down past the shops in Kitsilano in the afternoon was treacherous with all the weekend window shoppers.

A beautiful, clear winter day: hard to come by on the pacific coast, yet here it was for the past two days. It is all, of course, over tomorrow. The rain returns and threatens to stay close for the remainder of the week. But even that, we’re not allowed to complain about. Rain in the city means snow in the mountains and the ski hills [when are they going to change the name to snowboard hills?] are opening in record time this year. Doesn’t matter that I don’t ski/snowboard. I’m not allowed to complain.

I just have to hold out for the next clear day to run out and walk around without purpose. Hopefully, I’ll be over the cold by then.

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