it’s all in the timing

So, now that we’ve decided to start coming clean with the rest of the world about The Pregnancy at the end of this week, we have much reason to reconsider.

Everyone has their chronic things that that they are dealing with – so, how are we supposed to step in, out of the blue, and say “hey! guess what everyone?? we’re having a baby!! aren’t you just ecstatic??!! oh, and hope everything is going okay with [fill in relevant pressing issue]”

I mean, really. Now, it is getting to the point at which we must tell people, or risk their wrath further down the line [although we are really desperately trying to find ways NOT to tell any family members, but that’s solely for our sanity, not theirs]. But it’s going to be kind of difficult to present our news without a twinge of guilt.

And screw that, I should not be apologetic at all. And yet I will likely find myself couching the news in backpedaling words to downplay and minimize how excited we’re becoming. And downplay and minimize what has the potential to be added stress for those we’re telling.

Everyone will be happy [they’d better be…], but it’ll be one more thing on everyone’s already crowded minds.

As with anything, I’m sure, there is no ‘good’ time. There is still one hope: maybe, between now and Friday, we’ll actually manage to come up with some way to keep this quiet until baby Q is actually born…

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