everyone’s psychic but me

It’s truly amazing the number of people who have”guessed” the pregnancy news as I was setting up to tell them, cried “I knew it!” upon being told or indicated that they were “just thinking/wondering about it”.

As freaking IF.

Okay, yes, my gut is encroaching on my lap, but I’ve been wearing longer sweaters and my un-dryered jeans which are so loose, in fact, that others have thought that I’ve lost weight. Go figure. Yes, I’m non imbibing, but I’ve not been publicizing that fact. And yes, I’ve been tired, but no more so than anyone else who’s battling the raging viruses that are in circulation.

So, what gives?

I know I don’t have a poker face; am I wearing some sort of I’m pregnant and not telling you look? Is the simple fact that I turned 31 nearly two months ago enough to get people pondering?[and that is so NOT getting up there] Or have I, cluelessly, been dropping hints all along in slip-ups and gross faux-pas?

Whatever. People [except my mother] seems to like to think that they were aware of the whole gig, and take some satisfaction in, in the end, being right. Good for them.

Here’s hoping their inherent all-knowing powers hold up when it comes time for the baby pools. Now, if they had only bothered to invest in a pre-baby pool, it might have done them some good.

2 responses to “everyone’s psychic but me

  1. Oh don’t you worry, people will be more than willing to guess what type of baby you’ll have. It’s like with a 50/50 chance they don’t mind taking a guess.

    As for everyone knowing, did people know you were trying or not? Also, if you’re anything like my wife was you’ll have aglow about your skin and a happiness about you that denotes something good.

  2. So far as I know, people did not know we were trying…all but one friend. And, yes, I’ve been accused of glowing, though it was in a damn hot and stuffy meeting room, so I don’t know if that really counts. 😀

    And co-workers are already planning the baby pools. I have to find out if I get a cut. Or at least convince them that that’s how we do things now!

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