god, grant me a few consecutive hours of sleep

No, there’s no baby yet and already I can’t sleep all the way through the night.

Here’s the deal: I’m a stomach sleeper. Correction: I was a stomach sleeper. Needless to say, that’s not really working for me any more. When not a stomach sleeper, I was a back sleeper. Also, not so good. While the good Dr. R has told me sleeping on one’s back is not all as bad as everyone freaks out about, if I happen to find myself on my back, it’d be a good idea to roll onto my side.

I don’t actually do side sleeping. It’s damned uncomfortable and I inevitably [try] to end up on my back or stomach.

To that end, I ended up at Zellers [lovely, flourescent, low-cost Zellers] the other night to purchase the two remaining body pillows that were on the shelf. Subsequently, our double bed of questionable structure now contains not only me, Mr. Q and the cat, but two rather large denim-ish cotton and polyester masses.

It’s oh-so cozy.

It’s only helping me sleep marginally better. For now. I think I’m kind of getting used to it, but I’m a little worried. I may be setting myself up for chronic usage. Or some sort of neck-and-back backlash if I try to get rid of them in the future. These $12.47 pillows [each] may be in position to take over my night life.

Or what will be left of it after next June and the arrival of baby Q….

secondary post:

Sitemeter is stressing me out again by informing me that an IP address I know and love from my other blogs has been seen on this blog. Ack. Now, god forbid, several people live in the same service area and use the same operating systems and happen to be online within 15 minutes of each other while one reads the family blog and the other reads QR [arriving from a completely innocuous source, at that]. No, not unheard of, I suppose, but most interesting none-the-less…

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