I’m dreaming of a…

Hell, no I’m not!

I’ve lived on the wet west coast for the past 8 years and have become quite comfortable with green Christmases, thank you. We’re allowed one snowfall, maybe two, in January, and that’s it folks.

So, who decided that it was time to have snow in November?

Granted, it’s stuck mainly to the roofs and tips of trees, but still. I mean, really. It’s just too strange. There was no hint of this in the forecast. After a week of fog, we were to have a few days of rain and get back to our normal dreary selves.

I have a theory. Since the BC Lions didn’t win a spot in today’s Grey Cup, that meant the two competing teams are from significantly colder climes. That means their fans are travelling in, en masse, to partake in the event. That means: they brought the damn weather with them. Crazy-ass Albertans and Quebecois. By all means, come visit our lovely city, but do so without bringing the weather here with you! If I were to go visit Montreal or Edmonton, I wouldn’t dare consider bringing the rain with me. It’s rather rude, you know.

Now, I’m going to be all cold and cranky AND attending a football game that the local team isn’t in. God help the painted, beer-soaked idiots sitting behind me in the stands today…

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