tsk tsk

Well, give them credit for one thing: my parents’ Christmas letter was the first to arrive…

However, I’m thinking it may have been a bit of a rush job. Not only did some of the typing run over the markings on the fancy-schmancy paper that was used, rendering it nearly illegible, there were typos. Yes, folks, typos. My mother, from whom my anal retentive tendencies were learned [I said tendencies … oh, who am I kidding, although, really, I’m just detail oriented] sent out a Christmas letter with typos.

Were it not likely to push her that little bit extra over the edge, I would have already phoned and bugged her about it. As it is, I’ll likely hash it out, at great length, with my sister.

I think mom’s been way too sidetracked with 1. phoning my sister a million times a day [at work, none-the-less. I don’t know why sisterQ doesn’t at least pretend that she’ll get in trouble…one day she actually might] and 2. emailing me [nope, she doesn’t have my work number]. As a result, appropriate time, care and attention was obviously not focused on the annual missive.

They are in a position get away with it, though. The enclosed photo of my parents, in full sets of black leathers on my dad’s motorbike, may just be enough to sufficiently detract from a few minor typographical and grammatical slights…

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