epiphanies: few and far between

It’s December. I’ve simply not much time left for having deep, profound thoughts that can turn themselves into worthy rants.

My time is more consumed, recently, with timely Christmas shopping, shipping and daily schlepping around. Postings may be sparser than usual between now and the New Year, and certainly shorter. There will likely be news of import: little kids singing along to songs they don’t know at Christmas concerts, gatherings of people I see only once a year, the microcosm of the Greyhound bus station and semi-postal mall Santas.

But, whether or not I will have time or inclination to digest it past the observation will remain to be seen. If I don’t deal with something as, or shortly after, it happens, I’m far more likely to simply let it slide into the recesses. It might reincarnate later as part of something else, but never as the same moment.

In theory, that’s why I started carting my old camera around with me in my purse; there were so many shots during my days that I wanted to take and couldn’t.

Since I began carrying it, I’ve yet to take a single photo. Maybe, like posting, more in the New Year?

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