lucky you, lucky me

Yep, it’s an am post from me.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do this [opportunity seems like the wrong word…], but I am once again at Mr.Q’s work early in the morning. It’s not as convenient for me to do non-work things at my work, so I hang out at the office of Mr. Q for an hour or so before making the rest of the commute.

I get to blog, check other blogs and check and delete my email. I’ve been deleting a little more email as of late – my mother has taken to spamming me.

She always did, really, with weather updates and news of people I never knew, but now I get random baby name suggestions and repetitive reminders to drive carefully and to “take time for” me. ack.

It’s all well-meaning. It’s all likely valid. It’s kind of excessive.

I’d been hoping to alleviate some email pressures through the private family blog. [Look! I’m sharing all the news and information as it happens! It’s all here!] Or not. Or, just imagine what it might be like without updates to the private blog.

So, as harsh as it is to get up over an hour earlier than normal to sit in the spare cubicle at Mr. Q’s office, it’s at least productive in my online endeavours. Now, if only that could get Christmas presents wrapped….

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