another early morning

An early day for MrQ, another chance for me to take a few moments and muck about with the template, edit posts and generally piss away an hour in which I could do nothing else anyway.

It’s not like any stores are open so that I can pick up SisterQ’s last minute gifts, or buy more stretchy pants or even phone the contractor [I’m sure he’s up but, really, one must at least be civil and wait until a reasonable hour].

So what do I ponder at this hour? The fact that my pets have taken to stalking me. I’m pretty sure they now know that something is up. As if the mass of extra pillows in the bed [to keep me from sleeping on my back and/or stomach], the extra food I’m eating and the extra sleep I’m getting weren’t going to eventually begin to worry them…

I certainly haven’t been neglecting them [okay, except last night with this new template], but both cat and dog have been right there every time I move – not upset or antsy, just right there.

Poor things. It’s not only MrQ and I who are in for a shock once the baby is actually born.

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